Welcome to Music Theory 105

This is a music theory website Click here to learn more about AP music theory, a high school class that is dedicated to learning about music. (The stuff they teach is 1000 times harder than the topics on this website.)

History and Background Information:

Music theory, as its name suggests, is the study of music and its conposition. Maybe we can put more stuff about this later idk.
The three "lessons" that are located on our navagation bar each teach about a basic principle in music.
The first lesson will teach you about notes, what they are, and how to read them. The first lesson will also be about rests, and how they add depth to music.

The second lesson will teach you about the music staff, a outline in which musicians read music. It will contain information such as what a measure is, what a time signature is, and what tempo is. It will teach you how to identify which note it is and be able to count how many beats it represents.

The thrid lesson will teach about dynamics, how loud and how soft to play. It will also be information about accidentals, which basically change the pitch of a given note. Finally, the lesson will teach about the dot rule, a convenient way to represent odd valued notes.